In Search of the Perfect Handset

My trusty and beloved HTC Touch Pro2 is dying. 

The graphics are cracking up and it is pretty much unusable. It’s the first time I have been upset by one of my handsets reaching the end of it’s life.

In the past I would have  seen this as the perfect excuse to get a new phone. After all I love gadgets and usually change handsets every few months.

After all:

  • According to the latest specs the Touch Pro 2 is massively underpowered only having a single weedy processor clocking in around 578 Mhz.
  • The camera is pretty lousy.
  • It runs a dead OS – Winmo 6.5 which was unfashionable even before Microsoft killed it.
  • Plus HTC had written rubbish drivers for the proximity sensor in Winmo 6.5 that meant that the handset went into the “Sleep of death” needing to be reset at least 8 times a day.

So why am I so upset that this old technology is giving up on me? Should I not be jumping for joy that I am able to rid myself of this burden?

I’m sad because it did everything I needed:

  • I could get my encrypted work email.
  • I could organise my life using outlook without any glitches – essential if you are dyslexic and disorganised like I am.
  • I could use PockeTwit –  a really neat twitter client that is totally free and devoid of ads.
  • It had the best QWERTY slide out keyboard bar none – 5 rows meaning I could achieve around 30 words per minute on my phone.
  • It supported Multitasking – sideloading and was totally customisable – Thanks XDA Developers!!!
  • Because of that I could run Capturatalk the app for dyslexia that I had worked on.

I don’t want an i-phone unless they bring one out with a keyboard & even then I don’t know if I could deal with the smugness – don’t you just hate those adverts “if you haven’t got an iphone you don’t have an iphone”…Plus I still couldn’t get my work email and calendar.

Android has lots of handsets but again I could not use it for work so what’s the point.

I don’t get on with Blackberry’s the keyboards are horrid and the OS is clunky.

I like the look of the Nokia N8 but don’t want to invest the time and effort in learning another dead OS

I have tried WP7 handsets and like the look of the TouchPro7 but currently WP7 doesn’t support multitasking or email encryption.

So unless someone has any suggestions as to a suitable replacement I may resort to buying a replacement on ebay…

My beloved Touch Pro 2


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