The Mobile Platform Race – Info-graphic

I came across this info-graphic and since Blue Via were happy to share could not resist putting it on my blog.

The Mobile Platform Race

Obviously the last couple of weeks have been momentous in the mobile industry with Google’s purchase of Motorola Mobility and HP’s announcement that they are abandoning Web OS and in fact the hardware business altogether.

Times are changing rapidly in mobile. Whilst we may not feel entirely comfortable with the concentration of power in the industry into the hands of a few Mega Corporations it was always going to end this way with a handful of platforms reaching the end of the race.

From a consumer point of view this is both a good and bad thing, there is a less wide ranging choice as the number of platforms narrows and some may argue that this stifles innovation.

However I welcome the idea of a period of greater stability when we know which platforms are worth developing on.  This should actually make it easier and safer to develop innovative products and services so long as the Mega Corporations that control the platforms don’t get too greedy and lock stuff down and over tax the innovators for selling apps in their stores.

Less fragmentation is also a good thing for interoperability which is highly important if we are to achieve greater inclusion for the people unable to access technology and information currently.


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