Kew Gardens Tropical Extraveganza

Deep purple orchidsYesterday I was lucky enough to visit Kew Gardens to see the Tropical Extraveganza exhibition.20120220-111935.jpg

The displays of tropical flowers and orchids were quite simply beyond anything I have ever seen anywhere.

I went a bit snap happy with my iPhone camera and thought that I would share some of these pictures.20120220-112004.jpg

If you get a chance to visit Kew Gardens in the next couple of weeks I strongly recommend that you take the opportunity.


These Vandas are very fleshy and opulent.  I have some similar purple ones at home but have never seen colours like the orange and yellow ones below.20120220-112056.jpg

Vandas are epiphites something I did not appreciate when I first had one so I watered it to death.  You can see the green roots on these plants also photosynthesise.


 I wish I had the space to hang a display of plants like this.20120220-112225.jpg

This orchid below reminds me a bit of a narcissus.20120220-112156.jpg


As you enter the greenhouse you are confronted with towering displays of orchids.A pillar of orchid blooms


But its not just orchids that were on show there was a profusion of other plants too. 

  Floating flora20120220-112344.jpg


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